UX/UI Design


Through research we determined what was functioning within the established transportation system in Toronto that supported our demographic, and what did not. Some pro’s included that public transit is cost effective, green, and reduces traffic with its cons being that it is slow and indirect. Alternatively private transit’s pros were that is is fast, on-demand and direct while its cons were that it is expensive and contributes to traffic. With this in mind we began to prototype a system that could bring together the good elements of each transportation option.


müv creates a new, affordable, efficient transit options by combining private & public transit, and facilitates trip-chaining in order to encourage youth to use more public transit. Müv takes advantage of existing ride-sharing and public transit services in the GTA meaning it will require no new infrastructure or forms of transit in Toronto. Finally, the app encourages users to use carpooling ride-sharing options (versus individual ride-sharing), thus reducing pollution and gridlock from traffic.


müv is a transportation app that leverages existing infrastructure while creating a more efficient and clean transporation system that encouragesride-sharing among Youth (15-24)

Live Preview